Physician Services

Our Hospice Medical Director is a medical doctor licensed in the State of California and Board Certified in Family Medicine. The Medical Director conducts patients visit in patients’ own home or other facilities where the patient may reside. He assumes responsibility for the care and treatment of the patient and participates in the formulation of patient’s plan of care.

Although a hospice doctor is part of the medical team, your regular doctor can also be part of this team as the attending care professional.

Nursing Services

Our Hospice nurse is a registered nurse (RN) who coordinates the care of the patient with the hospice interdisciplinary team, family and caregiver. Our hospice Registered nurse performs initial and ongoing assessments of the patient and family and plays major role in the plan of Care Development and Implementation and assures that the interdisciplinary team addresses the individualized plan of care specifically in symptom management.

Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) and Certified Hospice Aide provide patient care under the supervision of the Registered Nurse. Patient care services also include bathing, dressing, feeding, and assistance with ambulation, toileting, oral, hair and skin care.

Social Work Services

Hospice social worker helps in alleviating the emotional stress that can be experienced during this difficult time. Patients and families are assisted in making health care decision based on patient’s personal goals of care. Ensuring the patient's end-of-life wishes are documented and known by assisting with Advance directives, do not Resuscitate (DNR) or POLST forms. Assistance with insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid paperwork, and funeral planning are some of the many services provided by hospice social workers.

Pastoral Care and Counseling

Ministry of friendship and presence for patients, as well as family members and friends. Spiritual support for patients and or family members and friends in relation to issues of death, dying and bereavement. Spend time with you to explore any religious or spiritual concerns you may need especially those related to your beliefs and spiritual practices. Keeping in mind your faith, tradition, if any, and without introducing any other religious or spiritual agenda. Provide counsel and advice on spiritual, moral, ethical and religious concerns or decision making when desired. Interpret doctrines or practices of religion and administer sacraments of the sick when requested. 

Medical and Equipment Supplies

Cherish Hospice covers all medications that are related to the hospice diagnosis and those that are intended to alleviate symptoms.

Equipment that is necessary for providing safe, comfortable care in the patient’s home environment is supplied by hospice. This may include a hospital bed, wheelchair, and oxygen.


Bereavement services are provided for at least 13 months following the death of the patient. Our Hospice Social Worker completes a bereavement assessment when the patient is admitted to Hospice Care, a plan care is developed with the patient's family and the interdisciplinary team to address bereavement and grief issues.

Our Hospice Chaplain/Spiritual Counselor provide support in keeping with the patient's/family’s/caregiver's belief system and practice and in accordance with the plan of care Caring with listening presence is provided as one considers questions about the purpose of life, suffering, need for forgiveness, and the progressive losses that accompany a serious illness. Spiritual care is also provided through prayers and observance of religious practices. Our Spiritual Counselor can also serve as a liaison to community clergy; assist with funeral and memorial services and support family members during a most difficult time.

The Bereavement Services culminates with Hospice Memorial Service with theme “Celebration of Life: A Cherish Memory” with invitations extended to all bereaved families whose loved one passed away during the past calendar year Usually held during the month of April.